Part II. Evergreen 2.12 Release Notes

Table of Contents

3. Evergreen 2.12.4
Upgrade Notes
Bug Fixes
4. Evergreen 2.12.3
Web Client Bug Fixes
Other Bug Fixes
5. Evergreen 2.12.2
Security Issue: XSS Vulnerability in Public Catalog
Upgrade Notes
Hold Targeter Repairs and Improvements
New --next-check-interval Option
New --soft-retarget-interval Option
Other Bug Fixes
6. Evergreen 2.12.1
7. 2.12.0 Upgrade notes
8. 2.12.0 New Features
Default status for received line items
Additional SMS Carriers
Bibliographic Fingerprint Improvements
Batch Hold Targeter Speed-up and New Features
Add separate make target for translators
Allow admin to specify where Perl modules will be installed
Addition of missing permissions
get_org_unit_ancestor_at_depth Helper Added to Action Trigger Reactor Helpers
Removed unused selfcheck password setting
Credit Processor Stripe Settings Permissions
New Access Points for MARC Merge/Overlay Profiles
Display Copy Alerts With In-House-Use
Active Date Column Picker Option
Punctuation Insensitive Patron Search
Touch screen improvements for Evergreen self-check interface
Trial Production Use of the Web Staff Client
Client Timezone Awareness
Public Catalog
New Subject Browse Index Definitions
Advanced Search Limiters Enhancement
Arabic and Right-to-Left Language Support for the catalog
Ebook API integration
Links to Other Formats and Editions
Metarecord Search Improvements
Allow Metarecord Search by default
RDA Improvements Integration
9. 2.12.0 Acknowledgments