Chapter 17. Managing Copy Buckets

Table of Contents

Creating Copy Buckets
Editing Copy Buckets
Sharing Copy Buckets
Finding the Bucket ID
Opening a Shared Bucket
Deleting Copy Buckets

Creating Copy Buckets

Copy buckets can be created in the Copy Bucket interface as well as on the fly when adding copies to a bucket from a catalogue search or from within the Item Status interface. For information on creating buckets on the fly see Adding Copies to a Bucket (needs section ID).

  1. In the Copy Bucket interface on the click Buckets in either the Pending Copies or Bucket View tab.

    Copy Bucket Interface
  2. From the drop down menu select New Bucket.

    Copy Bucket Interface
  3. Enter a Name and a Description (optional) for your bucket and click Create Bucket.

    Copy Bucket Interface

    The bucket can also be set as Publicly Visible at this time.


The functionality for making buckets publicly visible does not appear to be in place at this time.