Part XI. Monograph Parts

Table of Contents

30. Add a Monograph Part to an Existing Record
31. Monograph Part Merging

Monograph Parts enables you to differentiate between parts of monographs or other multi-part items. This feature enables catalogers to describe items more precisely by labeling the parts of an item. For example, catalogers might identify the parts of a monograph or the discs of a DVD set. This feature also allows patrons more flexibility when placing holds on multi-part items. A patron could place a hold on a specific disc of a DVD set if they want to access a specific season or episode rather than an entire series.

Four new permissions are used by this functionality: CREATE_MONOGRAPH_PART, UPDATE_MONOGRAPH_PART, DELETE_MONOGRAPH_PART and MAP_MONOGRAPH_PART. These permissions should be assigned at the consortial level to those groups or users that will make use of the features described below.