Part VII. Section X - Copy Buckets

Table of Contents

17. Managing Copy Buckets
Creating Copy Buckets
Editing Copy Buckets
Sharing Copy Buckets
Finding the Bucket ID
Opening a Shared Bucket
Deleting Copy Buckets
18. Adding Copies to a Bucket
From the Copy Bucket Interface
From a Catalogue Search
From the Item Status Interface
19. Removing Copies from a Bucket
20. Editing Copies in a Bucket
21. Deleting Copies from the Catalogue
22. Placing Holds on Copies in a Bucket
23. Transferring Copies to Volumes

Copy buckets are containers copy records can be put into to easily perform batch actions on. Copies stay in buckets until they are removed.

The Copy Bucket interface is accessed by going to CataloguingCopy Buckets.

Cataloguing Menu


The words copy and item are used interchangeably in Evergreen.