Part III. Circulating Items

Table of Contents

19. Check Out (F1)
Regular Items
Pre-cataloged Items
Due Dates
20. Check In (F2)
Regular check in
Backdated check in
Backdate Post-Checkin
Checkin Modifiers
21. Renewal and Editing the Item’s Due Date
Renewing via a Patron’s Account
Renewing by Item Barcode
Editing Due Date
22. Marking Items Lost and Claimed Returned
Lost Items
Refunding and Clearing Negative Balances
Claimed Returned Items
Enhancements to Items Out
23. Mark an Item Long Overdue
24. In-house Use (F6)
25. Item Status (F5)
Checking item status
Viewing past circulations
Marking items damaged or missing and other functions
Item alerts