Part II. Circulation - Patron Record

Table of Contents

3. Searching Patrons
4. Registering New Patrons
New Patron Duplicate Search
5. Patron Self-Registration
6. Updating Patron Information
7. Renewing Library Cards
8. Lost Library Cards
9. Resetting Patron’s Password
10. Barring a Patron
11. Barred vs. Blocked
12. Staff-Generated Messages
13. Patron Alerts
14. Patron Notes
15. Staff-Generated Penalties/Messages
Add a Message
Modify a Message
Archive a Message
Remove a Message
16. Patron Message Center
Creating a Patron Message in the Patron Account
Creating a Patron Message using Action Triggers
Managing Patron Messages in the Staff Client
Viewing Patron Messages in the OPAC
17. Merging Patron Records
18. Bills and Payments
The Bills Interface
Making Payments
Patron Credits
Void vs. Forgive vs. Adjustment
Forgiving Bills
Voiding Bills
Adjusting Bills to Zero
Adding New “Grocery” Bills
Negative Balances on Patron Accounts
Bill History