Claimed Returned Items

1) To mark an item Claimed Returned, retrieve the patron record and go to the Items Out screen.

2) Select the item, then select Actions for Selected ItemsMark Claimed Returned from the dropdown menu.


3) Select a date and click Apply.


4) Any overdue fines associated with the transaction will now be based on the Claimed Returned date.

5) The Claimed Returned item now displays in the Other/Special Circulations section of the patron record, unless otherwise customized through the Items Out display setting available in the Library Settings Editor.


6) The Claimed Returned item adds to the count of Check Outs that are Claimed Returned in the patron summary on the left (or top) of the screen. It also adds to the total Claims-returned Count (including those that are current Check Outs and those that have since been returned) that is displayed when editing the patron’s record.


More on Claimed Returned Items

  • The date entered for a Claimed Returned item establishes the fine. If the date given has passed, bills will be adjusted accordingly.
  • When a Claimed Returned item is returned, if there is an outstanding bill associated with it, the item will not disappear from the Items Out screen. It will disappear when the outstanding bills are resolved.
  • When an item is marked Claimed Returned, the value in Claims-returned Count field in the patron record is automatically increased. Staff can manually adjust this count by editing the patron record.
  • Marking a lost transaction Claimed Returned will not remove a lost item billing or lost item processing fee unless the Void lost item billing when claims returned and/or the Void lost item processing fee when claims returned settings are enabled. Both settings are available via the Library Settings editor.