Negative Balances on Patron Accounts

If a library has not enabled Prohibit Negative Balance settings via the library settings editor, certain workflows and settings can create a negative balance on a patron’s account. See…for information on settings that affect negative balances.

Removing negative balances from a patron account

A negative balance can be cleared either by refunding a bill or by adjusting the bill to zero.

To refund the bill:

1) Select the billing with the negative balance.

2) Choose Actions for Selected Transactions -→ Refund.

3) Click Yes.

4) Click Apply Payment.

The refunded amount will be deducted from the cash_payment total in the workstations Cash Report.

To clear the negative balance without affecting the Cash Report:

1) Right click on the billing with the negative balance.

2) Select Adjust to zero.

3) Click Yes.