Chapter 18. Bills and Payments

Table of Contents

The Bills Interface
Making Payments
Patron Credits
Void vs. Forgive vs. Adjustment
Forgiving Bills
Voiding Bills
Adjusting Bills to Zero
Adding New “Grocery” Bills
Negative Balances on Patron Accounts
Bill History

When a patron account has bills attached to it, a note displays under the patron name in the patron summary panel.

circulation_patron_bills 1

To view more information about the patron’s bills, or to make payments on or edit the bills, click on the Bills button from the patron account screen.

circulation_patron_bills 2

The Bills Interface

All current bills are itemized in the grid in the bills interface. Click on a column header to sort bills in this grid. Most columns sort alphabetically, but the "Total Billed" and Total Paid columns sort numerically.

Colors distinguish bills for items that are attached to checked out, lost and long overdue circulations. These colors are accompanied by helpful indicators that define the meaning of the colors for staff.

By default, circulations that are still checked out appear in bright red. The default indicator reads, "Red Items are still Checked out.

Lost circulations will appear in dark red. The default indicator reads, “Dark Red Items are Lost.”

When the 6 Month Overdue Mark Long-Overdue trigger event definition is enabled, Long Overdue circulations will appear in orange, by default. The default indicator reads, “Orange Items are Long Overdue.”

Billed Transaction Color

Both the color distinctions and indicators are customizable. To customize, a change to circ.css (for the color) and lang.dtd (for the indicator) are required.

Circulation bills: system-generated (overdue fines, lost item cost, processing fees, etc.).

  • Overdue fines are added daily once an item is overdue.
  • When an item is marked as lost or long overdue, bills may be automatically generated to cover the item’s cost and a processing fee, according to library policy.

Grocery bills: staff-applied to patron accounts.

  • One default grocery bill, Misc, exists in an unmodified Evergreen installation.
  • Additional grocery bills may be configured through the Admin settings. AdminServer AdministrationBilling Types.

To view more information about a bill, highlight the bill and right-click or use the Actions for Selected Transactions menu to select Full Details.

circulation_patron_bills 3

A window will display additional information about the bill, including a record of any payments that have been made on the bill.

circulation_patron_bills 4

From the Full Details screen, portions of the bill may be voided (e.g. an erroneous daily overdue charge) by using the Void selected billings button. Notes may be added to payments or line items by using the Edit note button.

circulation_patron_bills 5