Making Payments

To collect payments, retrieve the patron record. Navigate to the Bills screen as described in Bills and Payments.

When bills are paid, the money applied starts at the top of the list of bills. To pay specific bills, uncheck the bills that you do not wish to pay at this time. The amount displayed in Total Checked: will change to reflect the appropriate amount.

circulation_patron_bills 6


By default, Evergreen checks all bills when the bills screen loads. Evergreen sites can change this default by enabling the Uncheck bills by default in the patron billing interface setting in the Library Settings Editor (AdminLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor). Note the presence of the Uncheck All and Check All options below the list of bills.

circulation_patron_bills 7

When you are ready to make a payment, select a payment type from the dropdown menu in the Pay Bill portion of the screen.

circulation_patron_bills 8

Enter the amount of payment in the Payment received field.

If you would like to add a note to the payment, check the box for Annotate Payment.

Click Apply Payment! to make the payment.

If you have selected Annotate Payment, a box will display for the annotation.

The screen will refresh to display the updated bill information for the patron. If change is due, the bottom portion of the screen, Change Due Upon Payment: will briefly reflect the amount due to the patron.


if you need more time to review the amount due, click outside the Payment Received box before selecting Apply Payment! This will cause the screen to refresh and display the amount due.


  • Items marked with red are still checked out. Items marked with dark red are lost. Items marked with orange are still checked out and long overdue.
  • It is possible for a patron to pay a bill while the item is still out and accruing fines.
  • When Check is selected as the payment type, it is not necessary to select Annotate Payment, as a box for the check number and a note displays automatically.
  • If a patron pays the entire bill for a lost item and the library has enabled the Use Lost and Paid copy status setting in the Library Settings Editor (AdminLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor), the copy’s status will automatically change from Lost to Lost and Paid.