Using Evergreen’s Command-Line Administrator Module

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. About the Documentation
2. About Evergreen
II. Installing Evergreen
3. System Requirements
Server Minimum Requirements
Staff Client Requirements
III. Installing the Evergreen server
4. Preamble: referenced user accounts
5. Preamble: developer instructions
6. Installing prerequisites
7. Optional: Extra steps for browser-based staff client
Install dependencies for browser-based staff client
Install files for browser-based staff client
8. Configuration and compilation instructions
9. Installation instructions
10. Change ownership of the Evergreen files
11. Additional Instructions for Developers
12. Configure the Apache Web server
13. Configure OpenSRF for the Evergreen application
14. Configure action triggers for the Evergreen application
15. Creating the Evergreen database
Setting up the PostgreSQL server
Creating the Evergreen database and schema
Loading sample data
Creating the database on a remote server
16. Starting Evergreen
17. Testing connections to Evergreen
18. Getting help
19. License
20. Installing the Staff Client
Installing on Windows
Installing on Linux
Registering a Workstation
Removing Staff Client Preferences
21. Upgrading the Evergreen Server
Software Prerequisites
Upgrade the Evergreen code
Upgrade the Evergreen database schema
Restart Evergreen and Test
Review Release Notes
22. Setting Up EDI Acquisitions
IV. System Configuration
23. Describing your people
Setting the staff user’s working location
Comparing approaches for managing permissions
Managing permissions in the staff client
Managing role-based permission groups in the staff client
Managing role-based permission groups in the database
24. Migrating Patron Data
Creating an sql Script for Importing Patrons
Batch Updating Patron Data
25. Migrating from a legacy system
Making electronic resources visible in the catalog
Migrating your bibliographic records
Migrating your call numbers, copies, and parts
TPac Configuration and Customization
Authentication Proxy
Apache Rewrite Tricks
Apache Access Handler Perl Module
V. Local Administration
VI. Cataloging Administration
VII. Using the Public Access Catalog
26. Adding an Evergreen search form to a web page
Simple search form
Advanced search form
Setting the document type
Setting the library
A. Admonitions

List of Tables

25.1. 856 field for electronic resources: indicators and subfields