Creating the Evergreen database and schema

Once you have created the evergreen PostgreSQL account, you also need to create the database and schema, and configure your configuration files to point at the database server. Issue the following command as the root Linux account from inside the Evergreen source directory, replacing <user>, <password>, <hostname>, <port>, and <dbname> with the appropriate values for your PostgreSQL database (where <user> and <password> are for the evergreen PostgreSQL account you just created), and replace <admin-user> and <admin-pass> with the values you want for the egadmin Evergreen administrator account:

perl Open-ILS/src/support-scripts/eg_db_config --update-config \
       --service all --create-database --create-schema --create-offline \
       --user <user> --password <password> --hostname <hostname> --port <port> \
       --database <dbname> --admin-user <admin-user> --admin-pass <admin-pass>

This creates the database and schema and configures all of the services in your /openils/conf/opensrf.xml configuration file to point to that database. It also creates the configuration files required by the Evergreen cgi-bin administration scripts, and sets the user name and password for the egadmin Evergreen administrator account to your requested values.

You can get a complete set of options for eg_db_config by passing the --help parameter.