Chapter 7. Optional: Extra steps for browser-based staff client

Table of Contents

Install dependencies for browser-based staff client
Install files for browser-based staff client


Skip this entire section if you are using an official release tarball downloaded from


You make skip the subsection ‘Install dependencies for browser-based staff client’ if you are installing on either Debian Jessie, Ubuntu Trusty, or Ubuntu Xenial and you have installed the ‘Optional: Developer Additions’ described above. You will still need to do the steps in ‘Install files for browser-based staff client’ below.

Install dependencies for browser-based staff client

  1. Install Node.js. For more information see also: Node.js Installation

    # Go to a temporary directory
    cd /tmp
    # Clone the code and checkout the necessary version
    git clone
    cd node
    git checkout -b v0.10.28 v0.10.28
    # set -j to the number of CPU cores on the server + 1
    ./configure && make -j2 && sudo make install
    # update packages
    % sudo npm update
  2. Install Grunt CLI

    % sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. Install Bower

    % sudo npm install -g bower