Exceptions are problems that were encountered during processing. For example, a mis-scanned patron barcode, an open circulation, or an item that was not checked in before it was checked out to another patron would be listed as an exception. Those transactions causing exceptions may not be loaded into Evergreen database. Staff should examine the exceptions and take necessary action.

These are a few notes about possible exceptions. It is not an all-inclusive list.

Common error messages

  • ROUTE-ITEM - Indicates the book should be routed to another branch or library system. You’ll need to find the book and re-check it in (online) to get the Transit Slip to print.
  • COPY_STATUS_LOST - Indicates a book previously marked as lost was found and checked in.
  • CIRC_CLAIMS_RETURNED - Indicates a book previously marked as claimed-returned was found and checked in.
  • ASSET_COPY_NOT_FOUND - Indicates the item barcode was mis-scanned/mis-typed.
  • ACTOR_CARD_NOT_FOUND - Indicates the patron’s library barcode was mis-scanned/ mis-typed.
  • OPEN_CIRCULATION_EXISTS - Indicates a book was checked out that had never been checked in.
  • MAX_RENEWALS_REACHED - Indicates the item has already been renewed the maximum times allowed (or it’s a video/DVD).