Processing the Transactions

When all of the participating staff workstations have uploaded their transactions to the offline session, the workstation names are listed in the Uploaded Transactions section. To process the offline transactions and make them live on the Evergreen server:

  1. Log into Evergreen using an account with local system administrator privileges.
  2. Select Admin (-) → Offline Transaction Management from the menu. The Offline Transactions screen opens. Previously created sessions are listed in the Offline Sessions section.
  3. Highlight the correct session and, if necessary, click Refresh to verify all the participating workstations have uploaded their transactions to your session.
  4. Click Process. The processing may take some time to complete, depending on how many transactions you have done. Click Refresh to see the updated status of the processing step. Processing is complete when the Processing? column shows Completed.

The number in the Transactions Processed column is equal to the number of items checked out or checked in. For example, 5 transactions processed could mean that: