Chapter 41. Uploading Offline Transactions

Table of Contents

Creating an Offline Session
Uploading Workstation Transactions to a Session
Processing the Transactions
Common error messages

Once you are able to connect to the server, you need to upload the offline transactions. To avoid confusion for patrons and in the system, you should upload the offline transactions as soon as possible.

Once you can connect to the server, there are 3 steps to uploading offline transactions:

  1. Create a session: to be done by local system administrators at an administration workstation.
  2. Upload transactions to a session: to be done by circulation staff at circulation workstations.
  3. Process the uploaded transactions: to be done by local system administrators at an administration workstation.

Once network connectivity has been restored, a local system administrator must create an offline transaction session. Then, staff can upload transactions from each of the workstations used in offline circulation mode to that session. Once all of the branch workstations have uploaded their transactions to the session, the manager processes all the transactions from all the workstations at once.

Uploading transactions to the session does not put the transactions into the Evergreen database. The transactions will not be sent to the Evergreen database until the manager processes the session.

Creating an Offline Session

In the Evergreen staff client:

  1. Log into Evergreen using an account with local system administrator privileges.
  2. Select Admin (-) → Offline Transaction Management from the menu. The Offline Transactions screen opens. Previously created sessions are listed in the Offline Sessions section.
  3. In the upper Offline Sessions section, click Create to create a new session.
  4. Enter a name for the session, like Internet Down 2012-12-02. Click OK.
  5. In the Offline Sessions section, highlight the session you created. An Uploaded Transactions section appears in the bottom of the screen. Initially, this section is empty.
  6. Inform library staff that the session has been created and tell them the name of the session.