Uploading Workstation Transactions to a Session

Wait until the local system administrator has created a session and told you that it’s ready for your upload. There may be several sessions shown on the Offline Transaction Management screen, so you will need the name of the correct session from your local system administrator.

Each workstation used to perform offline circulation during the outage must upload its transactions to the offline transaction session.

To upload offline transaction from a workstation to a session, perform the following steps in the Evergreen staff client:

  1. Log into Evergreen with your regular username and password.
  2. Select Admin (-) → Offline Transaction Management from the menu. The Offline Transactions screen opens. You should see at least one session in the Offline Sessions section. You may also see older sessions.
  3. In the upper Offline Sessions section, highlight the correct session, then click Upload. The transactions are transferred to the Evergreen server.
  4. When the transactions have been uploaded, select the session in the Offline Sessions section. The value in the Upload Count column has increased by 1 and your workstation is now listed in the Uploaded Transactions section.
  5. Inform your local system administrator that your transaction has been uploaded to the session.