Part IV. Acquisitions Administration

Table of Contents

14. Acquisitions Settings
15. Cancel/Delay reasons
Create a cancel/delay reason
Delete a custom cancel/delay reason
16. Claiming
Create a claim policy
Create a claim type
Create a claim event type
Create a claim policy action
17. Currency Types
Create a currency type
Edit a currency type
18. Distribution Formulas
Create a distribution formula
Edit a distribution formula
19. Electronic Data Interchange
Entering SANs (Standard Address Numbers)
Entering a Library’s SAN
Entering a Provider’s SAN
Create an EDI Account
EDI Messages
20. Exchange Rates
Create an exchange rate
Edit an exchange rate
21. MARC Federated Search
22. Fund Tags
23. Funding Sources
Create a funding source
Allocate credits to funding sources
Allocate credits to funds
Track debits and credits
24. Funds
Create a fund
Allocate credits from funding sources to funds
Transfer credits between funds
Track balances and expenditures
Fund reporting
Edit a fund
Perform fiscal year close-out operation
25. Invoice menus
Invoice item type
Invoice payment method
26. Line Item Features
Create a line item alert
Line item MARC attribute definitions
27. Providers
Create a provider
Add contact and holdings information to providers
Edit a provider