Add contact and holdings information to providers

After you save the provider profile, the screen reloads so that you can save additional information about the provider. You can also access this screen by clicking the hyperlinked name of the provider on the Providers screen. The tabs allow you to add a provider address and contact, attribute definitions, and holding subfields. You can also view invoices associated with the provider.

  1. Enter a Provider Address, and click Save.


    Required fields for the provider address are: Street 1, city, state, country, post code. You may have multiple valid addresses.

  2. Enter the Provider Contact, and click Save.
  3. Your vendor may include information that is specific to your organization in MARC tags. You can specify the types of information that should be entered in each MARC tag. Enter attribute definitions to correlate MARC tags with the information that they should contain in incoming vendor records. Some technical knowledge is required to enter XPath information. As an example, if you need to import the PO Name, you could set up an attribute definition by adding an XPath similar to:

    code => purchase_order
    xpath => //*[@tag="962"]/*[@code="p"]
    Is Identifier => false

    where 962 is the holdings tag and p is the subfield that contains the PO Name.

  4. You may have entered a holdings tag when you created the provider profile. You can also enter holdings subfields. Holdings subfields allow you to specify subfields within the holdings tag to which your vendor adds holdings information, such as quantity ordered, fund, and estimated price.
  5. Click invoices to access invoices associated with a provider.