Chapter 19. Electronic Data Interchange

Table of Contents

Entering SANs (Standard Address Numbers)
Entering a Library’s SAN
Entering a Provider’s SAN
Create an EDI Account
EDI Messages

Many libraries use Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) accounts to send purchase orders and receive invoices from providers electronically. In Evergreen users can setup EDI accounts and manage EDI messages in the admin module. EDI messages and notes can be viewed in the acquisitions module. You will need to install and configure EDI on your server (requires command-line access) before you can start using EDI.

Entering SANs (Standard Address Numbers)

For EDI to work your library must have a SAN and each of your providers must each supply you with their SAN.

A SAN (Standard Address Number) is a unique 7 digit number that identifies your library.

Entering a Library’s SAN

These steps only need to be done once per library.

  1. In Evergreen select AdminServer AdministrationOrganizational Units
  2. Find your library in the tree on the left side of the page and click on it to open the settings.


    Multi-branch library systems will see an entry for each branch but should select their system’s top organization unit.

  3. Click on the Address tab.
  4. Click on the Mailing Address tab.
  5. Enter your library’s SAN in the field labeled SAN.
  6. Click Save.
Enter Library SAN

Entering a Provider’s SAN

These steps need to be repeated for every provider with which EDI is used.

  1. In Evergreen select AdminServer AdministrationAcquisitionsProviders.
  2. Click the hyperlinked name of the provider you would like to edit.
Enter Provider SAN
  1. Enter your provider’s SAN in the field labeled SAN.
  2. Click Save.
Enter Provider SAN