Perform fiscal year close-out operation

The Fiscal Year Close-Out Operation allows you to deactivate funds for the current year and create analogous funds for the next year. It transfers encumbrances to the analogous funds, and it rolls over any remaining funds if you checked the rollover box when creating the fund.

  1. To access the year end closeout of a fund, click Admin → Server Administration → Acquisitions → Funds.
  2. Click Fund Propagation and Rollover.
  3. Check the box adjacent to Perform Fiscal Year Close-Out Operation.
  4. For funds that have the "Rollover" setting enabled, if you want to move the fund’s encumbrances to the next year without moving unspent money, check the box adjacent to Limit Fiscal Year Close-out Operation to Encumbrances.


    The Limit Fiscal Year Close-out Operation to Encumbrances will only display if the Allow funds to be rolled over without bringing the money along Library Setting has been enabled. This setting is available in the Library Setting Editor accessible via AdministrationLocal AdministrationLibrary Settings Editor.

  5. Notice that the context org unit reflects the context org unit that you selected at the top of the Funds screen.
  6. If you want to perform the close-out operation on the context org unit and its child units, then check the box adjacent to Include Funds for Descendant Org Units.
  7. Check the box adjacent to dry run if you want to test changes to the funds before they are enacted. Evergreen will generate a summary of the changes that would occur during the selected operations. No data will be changed.
  8. Click Process.
  9. Evergreen will begin the propagation process. Evergreen will make a clone of each fund, but it will increment the year by 1.