Chapter 27. Providers

Table of Contents

Create a provider
Add contact and holdings information to providers
Edit a provider

Providers are vendors. You can create a provider profile that includes contact information for the provider, holdings information, invoices, and other information.

Create a provider

  1. To create a new provider, click AdminServer AdministrationAcquisitionsProviders.
  2. Enter the provider name.
  3. Create a code for the provider. No limits exist on the number of characters that can be entered in this field.
  4. Select an owner from the drop-down menu. The owner indicates the organizational units whose staff can use this provider. This menu is populated with the shortnames that you created for your libraries in the organizational units tree (See Admin → Server Administration → Organizational Units).


    The rule of parental inheritance applies to this list.

  5. Select a currency from the drop-down menu. This drop-down list is populated by the list of currencies available in the currency types.
  6. A provider must be active in order for purchases to be made from that provider. To activate the provider, check the box adjacent to Active. To deactivate a vendor, uncheck the box.
  7. Add the default # of copies that are typically ordered through the provider. This number will automatically populate the line item’s Copies box on any PO’s associated with this provider. If another quantity is entered during the selection or ordering process, it will override this default. If no number is specified, the default number of copies will be zero.
  8. Select a default claim policy from the drop-down box. This list is derived from the claim policies that can be created
  9. Select an EDI default. This list is derived from the EDI accounts that can be created.
  10. Enter the provider’s email address.
  11. In the Fax Phone field, enter the provider’s fax number.
  12. In the holdings tag field, enter the tag in which the provider places holdings data.
  13. In the phone field, enter the provider’s phone number.
  14. If prepayment is required to purchase from this provider, then check the box adjacent to prepayment required.
  15. Enter the Standard Address Number (SAN) for your provider.
  16. Enter the web address for the provider’s website in the URL field.
  17. Click Save.