Using Evergreen’s Tools Module

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Table of Contents

I. Introduction
1. About this Documentation
2. About Evergreen
II. Introduction
IV. Records
3. Record formats
4. Retrieve records
5. Recent records
Filtering by Org Unit
V. Adding OpenSearch to Firefox browser
VI. Adding Parameters
VII. Output
VIII. Holds
IX. Overdues
X. Skipping patrons with email notification of holds
XI. Using the ws_ou parameter
XII. Automating the download
XIII. Simple search form
XIV. Advanced search form
XV. Encoding
XVI. Setting the document type
XVII. Setting the library
6. Installing the SIP Server
Getting the code
Configuring the Server
Adding SIP Users
Running the server
Testing Your SIP Connection
More Testing
7. SIP Communication
01 Block Patron
09/10 Checkin
11/12 Checkout
15/16 Hold
17/18 Item Information
19/20 Item Status Update
23/24 Patron Status
25/26 Patron Enable
29/30 Renew
35/36 End Session
37/38 Fee Paid
63/64 Patron Information
65/66 Renew All
93/94 Login
97/96 Resend
99/98 SC and ACS Status
A. Attributions
B. Adomonitions

List of Tables

1. Parameters for the phonelist program:
2. Columns in the holds CSV file:
3. Columns in the overdues CSV file:

Evergreen’s unAPI support includes access to many record types. For example, the following URL would fetch bib 267 in MODS32 along with holdings, volume, copy, and record attribute information:{holdings_xml,acn,acp,mra}&format=mods32

To access the new unAPI features, the unAPI ID should have the following form: is a mod_perl module for Apache that works with Evergreen to generate callings lists for patron holds or overdues. It outputs a csv file that can be fed into an auto-dialer script to call patrons with little or no staff intervention. It is accessed and configured via a special URL and passing any parameters as a “Query String” on the URL. The parameters are listed in the table below.

Table 1. Parameters for the phonelist program:


Your Evergreen login. Typically your library’s circ account. If you leave this off, you will be prompted to login.


The password for your Evergreen login. If you leave this off you will be prompted to login.


The ID of the system or branch you want to generate the list for (optional). If your account does not have the appropriate permissions for the location whose ID number you have entered, you will get an error.


If present, skip patrons with email notification (optional).


Add a count of items on hold (optional). Only makes sense for holds.


Makes a list of patrons with overdues instead of holds. If an additional, numeric parameter is supplied, it will be used as the number of days overdue. If no such extra parameter is supplied, then the default of 14 days is used.

The URL is


A couple of examples follow:


The above example would sign in as user circuser with password of “password” and get a list of patrons with holds to call who do not have email notification turned on. It would run at whatever branch is normally associated with circuser.


The above example would do more or less the same, but you would be prompted by your browser for the user name and password.

If your browser or download script support it, you may also use conventional HTTP authentication parameters.


The above logs in as “user” with “password” and runs overdues for location ID 2.

The following sections provide more information on getting what you want in your output.

To enable users to quickly search your Evergreen catalog, you can add a simple search form to any HTML page. The following code demonstrates how to create a quick search box suitable for the header of your web site: