Chapter 116. Circulation - Patron Record

Table of Contents

Searching Patrons
Registering New Patrons
New Patron Duplicate Search
Patron Self-Registration
Updating Patron Information
Renewing Library Cards
Lost Library Cards
Resetting Patron’s Password
Barring a Patron
Barred vs. Blocked
Staff-Generated Messages
Patron Alerts
Patron Notes
Staff-Generated Penalties/Messages
Add a Message
Modify a Message
Archive a Message
Remove a Message
Patron Message Center
Creating a Patron Message in the Patron Account
Creating a Patron Message using Action Triggers
Managing Patron Messages in the Staff Client
Viewing Patron Messages in the OPAC
Merging Patron Records
Bills and Payments
The Bills Interface
Making Payments
Patron Credits
Void vs. Forgive vs. Adjustment
Forgiving Bills
Voiding Bills
Adjusting Bills to Zero
Adding New “Grocery” Bills
Negative Balances on Patron Accounts
Bill History

Searching Patrons

To search for a patron, select the Patron Search option from the toolbar, Search → Search for Patrons from the menu bar, or F4.

The Patron Search screen will display. The orientation of the search pane may be vertical or horizontal, depending on your library’s configuration. It will contain options to search on the following fields:

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Alias
  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • City
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • Email
  • State
  • Barcode
  • OPAC Login ID

Use the options above the search fields to include patrons marked “inactive” in your search results or to limit results to patrons in a specific library branch or in a specific permission group.

circulation_patron_records 1

Tips for searching

  • Search one field or combine fields for more precise results.
  • Truncate search terms for more search results.

Once you have located the desired patron, highlight the entry for this patron in the results screen. A summary for this patron will display in place of the search fields.

circulation_patron_records 2

Use the Retrieve Patron button to retrieve the patron for circulation or editing.

circulation_patron_records 3

The Search Form button may be used to resume searching for patrons.